Humanitarian work

Humanitarian work is something that is really important in my life and I am proud that my husband and I took part in Inge Project.

What is Inge Project?

Inge Project organized the very first post-war (meaning war in Bosnia and Herzegovina) exhibition of painters from Vojvodina in Sarajevo at Besarin Art Gallery, during September of 1999.

Exhibition was entitled "People from Darmstadt & People from Sarajevo & People from Vojvodina".

My husband, Milan Jaksic, and I participated by donating 30 paintings (oil on canvas) to Inge Project. During the exhibition, all paintings were sold and funds collected have been used to sponsor 14 annual scholarships for orphan girls from Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Zepa, Foca and Vlasenica.

We believe that every artist, every man or woman, should find time and take part in any project that will help out those who need help.

Below are two articles about the Inge Project and our participation in it:

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