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Nada Denic - small photo

NADA DENIĆ was born in 1954. in Koljane, Dalmatia.

She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1979. in the class of Professor Jovan Kratohvil. By the same Professor she graduated from Master of Arts degree.

Member of ULUS (Society of fine arts in Serbia) from 1980.
Work and exhibit from 1977.
Live and work in Pančevo, Serbia.


1982. Exhibition of  Magister of art degrees, The Gallery of the Faculty of fine arts, Belgrade.
1984. Center for culture, Kotor.
1984. Center for culture, Ivanjica.
1986. Center for culture, Apatin.
1986. The Gallery "The old ship's station", Zemun.
1988. The Gallery of the Center for culture "Olga Petrov", Pančevo.
1990. The Art Salon of the Center for culture, Čačak.
1991. The Gallery ULUS, Belgrade.
1996. The Gallery of fine arts of the Serbian Republic, Banja Luka.
1996. Center for culture, Smederevo.
1996. The Gallery "Jovan Popović", Opovo.
1998. The painting exhibition, Gallery Weststadt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Germany
1999. The painting exhibition, Gallery Besarin, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2000. The painting exhibition, Gallery Stara Kapetanija, Zemun.
2000. The painting exhibition, Gallery Kulturni centar, Novi Sad
2003. The Graphics exhibition, Gallery of Serb Orthodox Church Sentandre, Hungary
2003. The Graphics exhibition, Gallery Boem, Starčevo
2004. The painting exhibition, Gallery of modern art, Zrenjanin
2005. The Graphics exhibition Gallery of art workshop, Sremski Karlovci
2005. The Graphics exhibition, Gallery of Serb Orthodox Church Sentandre, Hungary


"Room 81" Hotel "Yugoslavia", Belgrade.
The exhibition of the Yugoslav Sculpture in Pančevo, Pančevo.
The exhibition of the Yugoslav portrait, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Jugoslav biennial of small plastic, Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
Exhibition of the colony Prilep, Prilep, Macedonia.
The Salon in Cetinje, Cetinje.
The Triennial of the Yugoslav ceramics, Belgrade.
The first Jugoslav biennial of Miniature art, Gornji Milanovac.
Exhibition of the Yugoslav colonies and Symposium for Sculpture, Subotica.
The biennial of drawing and small plastic in Belgrade, Belgrade.          
Art action "Everything from paper", the Artistic Pavilion "Cvieta Zuzorić" in Belgrade, Belgrade.
In the circle, exhibition of Mail art, Brisel, Belgium.
Small graphics forms, Lodj, Poland.
Return to miniature, the Museum of Modern art, Vervieu, Belgium.
International triennial of graphics, Bitolj, Macedonia.
International exhibition "EX LIBRIS" Rijeka, Croatia.
International exhibition of dry point, Budapest, Hungary.
International biennial of Small graphic forms, Leskovac.
Exhibition of the Yugoslav graphics, Miškolc, Hungary.
The second international biennial, Raciborz, Poland.
The International triennial "Mini Print" Tokyo, Japan.
The international awarded artist, Krakow, Poland
Face in face , ASROPA, Seul, Wien, South Korea, Austria
The international graphic exhibition, Novak graphic, Shangay, China
The Yugoslav biennial of aquarelle, Zrenjanin,
International exhibition of the modern arts S. Joao da Madeira, Portugal
International exhibition "EX LIBRIS" Pančevo, Serbia


1979. The prize of the Youth colony, Ivanjica.
1980. The buy up prize on the Yugoslav competition for the look of the statues of Pera Dobrinović
and Sterija Popović, Novi Sad.
1981. The first prize at the exhibition "Room 81" for the statue "Liberation", Belgrade.
1983. The buy up prize of the Republic Cultural community at the Spring exhibition, Belgrade.
1987. The first prize for sculpture at the exhibition "Drawing and small plastic", Belgrade.
1987.  The buy up prize at the exhibition in the Salon in Cetinje, Cetinje.
1988. The first prize at the exhibition in the Salon in Zemun, Zemun.
1997. The first prize at the International exhibition "EX LIBRIS" because of 500 years from the
birth of Julije Klović, Rijeka, Croatia.
1998. The prize for graphics at the October Salon, Vršac.
2000. The prize for ceramic at Yugoslav ceramic biennial, Subotica, Yugoslavia
2003. The first prize for EX LIBRIS at international Ex Libris Biennial, Rijeka, Croatia


1983. "Liberation" marble, Hotel "Jugoslavia", Belgrade. Yugoslavia
1984. "The 3 warm", marble, Factory "Javor", Ivanjica. Yugoslavia
1985. "Javljen" marlbe, park in Danilovgrad. Montenegro
1986. "Lying", bronze, the Miner's Museum "Copper", Bor. Yugoslavia
1986."Swan" bronze, the Miner's Museum "Copper", Bor. Yugoslavia
1987. "Island Archipelago" 6/85. Aluminium, bronze, The Museum Cetinje, Montenegro
1988. "Island Archipelago" 4/84. Marble, Factory "Dalija", Zemun.Yugoslavia
1989. "Cold Sun", welded iron, Factory "Metalec", Prilep, R. Macedonia
1991. "Small Rocks" Marble, Meeting of artists, Subotica. Yugoslavia


The National Museum, Pancevo
Yugoslav art meeting, Subotica, Yugoslavia
The Gallery of fine art, Smederevo
The Gallery of fine art, Uzice, Yugoslavia
The modern Gallery of fine arts, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Gallery of modern graphics, Vigado, Budapest, Hungary
The gallery of miniature graphic Lodz, Poland
The state Library, Rijeka, Croatia
The Gallery of graphic biennial, Bitol, Macedonia
The University Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
The Gallery of Serb Orthodox Church Sentandre, Hungary
The Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad