Humanitarian work - When Lonely Islands Spring Out of Borders

Nada Denić' s and Milan Jakšić' s Exhibition in the Inge – Project Gallery

Every man in his life comes across borders. They give protection and carelessness but can also lock and separate. Places where people live isolated and lonely are formed out of idealistic islands. Both borders and islands represent nourishing ground for prejudices and conflicts.

Borders And Islands – Milan Jakšić and Nada Denić separate theoretically and join artistically. Their oil paintings are exhibited in the Westads Gallery in 106 Meinzer Str. Both artists donate to the Inge Projects in Darmstadt. This association takes care of the children, war victims in ex- Yugoslavia. On Saturday the help giving projects founders Dr. Inge Lanzettel and Dr. Janja Beč opened the exhibition.

Time... Sunflower Fields... Small Chair ...  Milan Jakšić' s pictures partly in pastel tones partly in bright colors have different names but a common theme – Borders. At borders the life stream is often stopped – Inge Lanzettel declared. It is necessary to take children out of bordering. Inge Project supports young girls and boys coming from mixed marriages specially, who are in a very difficult situation in ex- Yugoslavia.

... Islands - Nada Denić' s Works emphasized specially in their shining violet blue colors. Responding the theme the artist worked with sand and gave her pictures the names as Stars or Violet Sky which gave them a special tone. 

Nada Denić and Milan Jakšić are well known at home. Far in the world they had exhibition and got numerous prizes for their work. Today they live and work in Pančevo, Vojvodina.

Up to the New Year the pictures will be exhibited in the Weststadt Gallery and have a special price of 600 DM. One picture profit enables the Inge project to take over one child sponsorship. This little sponsorship supports a boy or a girl for a year. So it is very important to the cooperators that the sponsorship is not anonymous, Inge Lanzettel said..

The names, addresses, photos and other information about the children will be announced. The theatre project for Sarajevo and Vojvodina was planed. A theatre play with two children’s groups should be trained and played out as an exchange in both places. A step towards reconciliation.

The founders believe ex-Yugoslavia now needs help more than ever because it is only shooting that stopped, Janja Beč added to Inge Lanzettel words – the after war time is much more worse.