Humanitarian work - Borders Are Cleaned Up by Pictures

That somewhere somebody thinks about children and understands their pains and helplessness is proved by Inge Project from Darmstadt which collects money for the scholarship fund for the war victim children from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojvodina and Kosovo. Nowadays they are quests in our town. With the cooperation of the Citizens Education Association B.H. towns will organize similar activities in Sarajevo.

One of them is Sarajevo and Darmstadt people Common Exhibition. The authors are Vojvodina artist Milan Jakšić (whose works are united by symbolic Borders) and Nada Denić, who presented her cycles Islands to the Association. This is the first Vojvodina artists' Exhibition in B.H. after the war.

Similar Darmstadt Inge Project activities (headed by Janja Beč and Inge Lanzattel) in order to help B. H., Vojvodina and Kosovo children were organized in Germany, too. In this way this organization finds donators so called First Donators, who will help a child each from B. H. Now the project helps 150 children who survived the war and its traumas no matter of borders, confessions or anything else.

The exhibition and picture auction of Vojvodina artists will be opened in the Basara studio at 7 p.m tonight.

Oslobođenje Sarajevo                                                                                           A. Vujanić
No 1888, September 9th 1999.